On Point Inspection Services is a Premier Residential & Commercial Inspection Company. We offer our services for the concerned & well informed smart home buyer or sellers. We provide comprehensive, professional, and thorough inspections.

The purchase of a new home is the single most important investment you will ever make in your lifetime. The misfortune of discovering a defect after becoming the owner could be very frustrating and costly. We have the practical and professional experience that assures an accurate and honest evaluation of your prospective home or the home you will be selling. Through the scrutiny of a professional home inspection, we will evaluate the various systems and components of the house, while objectively sharing our information and experience with you during the process.
The inspection will report on all accessible structural, mechanical an electrical systems that comprise the building and grounds including: Structural soundness, visible aspects of interior & exterior of home , electrical system, heating & cooling system, roofing, gutters & flashing, plumbing, waste discharge systems, grounds & outbuildings.